Residential amenity

The scheme will be designed and managed to protect residential amenity.

  • Maintaining separation distance between the new hospital and properties along Low Greens.

  • A construction management plan will manage and minimise effects during demolition and construction.

  • As part of the planning application we will fully assess any noise and air quality issues and incorporate mitigation where appropriate.

Parking and transport
  • Traffic flows and network capacity will be fully assessed and a travel plan will be implemented.

  • Car parking provision on-site will be enhanced.

  • Public access to the hospital will only be from Well Close square with access off Brucegate restricted to ancillary traffic. 

Need for high quality landscaping

Removal of the infirmary buildings creates an opportunity to deliver a new public space and arrival area that can be enjoyed by staff, patients, visitors and the public.


Our design team has been exploring a number of options for this space and we welcome your thoughts. The images below show what could be included. The scheme will include the retention of the Bell Tower. The Bell Tower is not a listed building, however, it lies within the Berwick-upon-Tweed Conservation Area. 


The new terrace gardens provide a contemporary arrival space to the main entrance and drop off. The planting will have a strong seasonal interest, scent and colour.


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