The new hospital

The redevelopment of Berwick Infirmary will provide purpose-built, modern facilities to deliver hospital services to the local population and improve the integration of health and social care provision in the area.

It will accommodate the maternity unit and Well Close Medical Group, paving the way for further integration between primary and secondary care. Community nurses from Tweedmouth Clinic will also be based on site, helping to ensure patients experience a seamless transition from hospital to home.

Inpatient Ward & Minor Injuries Unit
Day Surgery
Ambulatory Care (Formerly Day Hospital)
Oncology Day Unit
Outpatient Services & Nurse-led Clinics
X-Ray Services
Integrated Primary Care
Jag Accredited Endoscopy Suite
Construction, phasing and access to services

A plan for phasing of construction has been developed to ensure that services can be maintained and delivered on-site throughout the 18 month build programme. Existing services will be accommodated and provided for at Berwick during this time ensuring continuity of service for patients within Berwick. This excludes oral surgery, which will be carried out at Alnwick Infirmary. 

3142-PHS-XX-ZZ-DR-A-9002 Site Plan Phase

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Phase 1

Services that currently take place in the northern part of the site will temporarily relocate to the southern part of the site. The energy centre would be retained to provide heat and hot water to the retained hospital buildings. The buildings across the northern part of the site would then be demolished to clear the site for construction.

Phase 2

The new hospital building would be constructed on the cleared site. Upon completion of the new building, all hospital services, Well Close Medical Group, Tweedmouth Clinic and the maternity unit would relocate to it.

3142-PHS-XX-ZZ-DR-A-9006 Site Plan Phase

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3142-PHS-XX-ZZ-DR-A-9012 Site Plan Phase

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Phase 3

The existing hospital buildings on the southern part of the site would be demolished and the proposed car parking and landscaping implemented to complete the development.